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Mexican Grilled Corn

The Mexican people love corn and prepare it in a wide variety of ways. This recipe is a common street food. You simply buy an ear and eat it as you wander through the market. Since it is Spring I will continue with Spring recipes for a while. I have modified the recipe by using no-fat yogurt, low fat mayonnaise, and substituting Parmesan cheese for Cotiga. Parmesan is easier for most people to find.

4 ears of corn, shucked and silk removed

Finishing Sauce

Prepare the Finishing Sauce (recipe follows). Grill the corn directly over a hot fire until a number of kernels are charred, turning every 4 minutes (total time approximately 16 minutes).

Remove the corn from the grill and spread with sauce. They can be rewarmed in a microwave on 1/2 power if additional items are to be grilled.

Finishing Sauce

2 tablespoons low-fatt mayonnaise

2 tablespoons no-fat Greek yogurt

4 tablespoons Cotiga or Parmesan cheese

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