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Steak Grilling Do's and Don'ts

Bringing Steaks to Room Temperature – It is a waste of time, because it will take hours for the center of a 1-inch or more thick steak to reach room temperature.

When Should the Steak be Salted – When a steak is salted it will draw liquid to the surface within 3 to 4 minutes. After 40 to 50 minutes this liquid will have been reabsorbed back into the steak. Either salt the steak immediately before grilling or between 50 minutes to 12 hours before grilling. If salted between 4 and 50 minutes before grilling, you will lose the juice that was brought to the surface.

Marinating Steaks – Marinating steaks will add flavor but will not tenderize. Only certain marinade ingredients penetrate, very slowly, and most do not tenderize. They do however season the surface of the meat.

Searing a Steak – When meat is heated above 350° a chemical reaction takes place (Maillard Effect) that produces the complex flavors of browned meat. This does not seal in juices but adds significantly to the flavor. Thin steaks cannot be well seared without over cooking their interior.

How Often Should I Turn a Steak – Some say only once, others say many times. Taste tests have shown there is little difference in the results. Flipping often does produce a slightly more evenly cooked piece of meat. This would be good for very thick steaks.

What About Puncturing a Steak with a Fork or Knife – Turning with a fork or cut-and-peek to check on doneness causes the loss of only an infinitesimal amount of juice. Only if you cut it many time could it have a negative effect.

Should I Rest the Steak After Grilling – Resting allows released juices to be reabsorbed before cutting; however, it is more important for roasts. A 1-inch thick steak should be rested for about 2 minutes, the time from the grill to the table.

What are good beef steaks for grilling - I will be posting these at a later date.

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