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Grilled Monkey Meat

Every year the Pass Christian Isles Golf Club hosts the Italian Open Golf Tournament. It is more socializing, food, and drink than golf. It begins with hitting a four-inch meatball off a golf tee. One of the primary foods is grilled beef tips that is widely known as Monkey Meat. I usually assist with the grilling. Last year a visitor asked what it was and looked startled when we told him it was monkey meat. My partner said that we only use Madagascar Blue Macaque males because they were the most tender. He turned white, refused a sample, and hurried away. This year two young ladies asked, and we almost had them convinced before they caught on. This is a good and easy food item for a crowd.

Beef tips

A1 Sauce

Dale’s Meat Seasoning


The meat is skewered on short wooden skewers (not water soaked) and marinated in equal parts A1 and Dale’s for 15 to 30 minutes. They are then grilled and placed in a pan of warm beer (kept on the grill) for 15 minutes.


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