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Drago's Charbroiled Oysters

If you like oysters and are visiting New Orleans, Drago’s restaurant is required. The original location is still in Metairie though the one in the Hilton Hotel at the end of Canal St. has valet parking and is a short cab ride from the French Quarter. Charbroiled Oysters have become popular around the Gulf Coast and elsewhere, but I have never found one that is nearly as good as Drago’s. They are grilled with butter (and I mean lots of butter), Parmesan cheese, and I am not sure what else. They are truly char-broiled.

They are served with copious amounts of the butter and cheese they were grilled with and French bread to sop it up. A beer or glass of Pino Grigio goes well with them. I have never attempted to cook them myself because they make a tremendous mess and I could never hope to duplicate Drago’s (nor can other restaurants). The cook says that they have a cleaning crew come in every night to clean up. However, a new place, Coterier in Long Beach, Mississippi, has charbroiled oysters that are not quite like Drago', but are outstanding.

Bon Appetite .

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