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Simple Grilled Pork Chops

Beef is more popular nation-wide, but I love pork. It is juicy, tender and flavorful. I was raised on fried pork, but grilling can achieve the same effect with less fat. This recipe is for the very thin bone in loin chops. It is well known that the meat is sweeter next to the bone.

Thin (1/4 inch thick), bone in loin chops

Olive oil for brushing

Creole Seasoned Salt

Fresh Ground black pepper

Notice that the chops are on waxed paper to keep the plate clean, saving a trip back to the kitchen for a serving plate. Prepare the grill for hot (550° to 600°F) direct cooking. Brush the chops with oil. This gives them more of a fried texture and flavor than without the oil. Season with Seasoned Salt and pepper. Grill directly over the fire for 3 minutes per side.


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