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Mark's BBQ Setup

My BBQ setup is quite adequate (January 4, 2018 Post), but not as cool as that of my neighbor Mark. He is a skilled welder and has built all his outdoor kitchen furniture, plus he has gone high-tech with his kamado-style cooker. He has a house on stilts, lives on the same bayou as I, has a dog, is an avid fisherman, and loves to entertain (ideal neighbor). I thought it would be worthwhile showing his setup.

He has two counters, one for food preparation,

and one that can double as a buffet serving counter. The wood slats of the latter can be removed and replaced with chaffing dishes.

Another setup consists of a five-burner gas stovetop, two burners of which can be covered with a cast iron griddle (outdoor but non-BBQ).

I am not endorsing any equipment brands, but simply documenting the rest of his setup for those that may be interested in the subject. His cooker is a charcoal fueled kamado, but not a Green Egg. It has about twice the cooking capacity.

The kamado is equipped with a small electric fan attached to the air intake.

The fan speed is controlled by an electronic controller.

The controller has four thermometers, one for cooker temperature and up to three for meat. In other words, he sets the desired cooker temperature and the desired meat temperatures, and the system controls the cooker temperature until the meat is done. The controller has Wi-Fi so he can monitor and control from his cellphone or tablet at any location.

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