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Ham and Hominy

Ham and hominy just go together, but hominy is not as popular as it once was. In fact, most young people do not even know that the grits they eat are actually hominy grits.


1 ham steak

Olive oil for brushing

Salt to taste

Fresh ground black pepper to taste


Prepare the hominy (recipe follows). Prepare the grill for hot direct cooking. Lightly brush the ham with oil and season.

Grill directly over the fire, lid closed , for 4 minutes per side.


2 cans hominy, white or yellow

2 tablespoons canola oil

1 tablespoon bacon drippings (optional)

Salt to taste

Large amount of black pepper


Drain the hominy. Add the oil and drippings to a large skillet, when hot add the hominy. Season with salt and much more black pepper than would normally be used. Black pepper and drippings are the secret to this recipe. Sauté the hominy until hot, stirring often.


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