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Delmonico Steak

The famous Delmonico’s restaurant opened in New York City in 1827. According to an early chef the Delmonico steak was an individual sized, boneless, sirloin steak seasoned with salt, white pepper, butter, and grilled over a charcoal fire. In this recipe I have used olive oil, my Creole Seasoned Salt, and fresh ground black pepper.

Sirloin steaks cut to individual size

Olive oil for brushing

Salt or Creole Seasoned Salt

Fresh ground black pepper.

Since sirloin is tougher than some other steaks I Jaccarded it (see August 23, 2018 BLOG post). Prepare the grill for direct cooking over a hot fire. Brush the meat with oil and season with salt or Seasoned Salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Grill directly over the fire for approximately 4 minutes per side for a medium-rare, 1-inch thick steak. I grill to a temperature of 130°F and remove. By the time I have plated them they are 135°F.

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