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Smoked Turkey

Smoked turkey is an ideal meat for a buffet as well a normal diner. They can be brined or not. If the turkey has been previously injected with salt water, as some are, do not brine it. Part of the key to keeping them juicy is to cook them breast down so juices flow down to the breast. If you plan to carve at the table, which is now becoming far less common, it is best to cook it breast up for appearances.

1 10-pound turkey

Salt and black pepper

Trim excess skin from the front and back of the turkey, and season inside and out with salt and pepper. Creole seasoned salt is highly recommended. It is best to also insert some of the seasoning under the skin of the breast, back, and sides.

Prepare the smoker for medium heat. Mild woods are normally recommended (e.g., apple), but I prefer pecan that is somewhat stronger. Place the turkey breast side down and smoke.

It will require at least 6 hours cooking time, so the addition of charcoal will be necessary. Cook until the breast is at least 165°F (white meat) and the legs or thighs at least 175°F (dark meat). This is the old USDA recommendation, but they have now made it simpler to reduce confusion - 175°F overall to be safe.


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