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Wild vs Farm-raised Salmon

Most farm-raised salmon are Atlantic salmon, and have dye added to their food to produce the orange color of their meat. Wild salmon in markets are Pacific salmon and acquire their orange color from their natural food sources. Most wild salmon come from four of the five species.

· Sockeye are firm, rich, flavorful, and considered by many to be the best.

· Chinook, or King, have the highest fat content and are considered either best or second best.

· Coho are high fat and delicious.

· Chum are dry compared to Chinook but considered delicious.

· Pink are not considered excellent for the table, and 80 percent of the catch is canned.

I have made side by side comparisons of grilled wild and farm raised salmon and there is no comparison flavor wise. Wild salmon is more flavorful but expensive, so I save it for special occasions. I eat farm-raised more often.

NOTE: The fat of salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids that have significant health benefits. Many recipes call for leaving the skin on. The dark meat down the centerline just below the skin is high in omega-3, but often has a strong flavor. I prefer to remove the skin and the dark fat.

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